ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) System with VerifEye


Dr. Kalski utilizes ORA technology at the time of cataract surgery to customize each individual patient’s procedure and provide the best possible visual outcome. Dr. Kalski is able to optimize each individual patient’s refractive results, by mapping out and analyzing the entire eye with real-time measurements at the time of cataract surgery.  This technology takes our refractive cataract procedure to the next level.


How does the ORA System work?

The ORA System maps and analyzes your eye during cataract surgery.  With this data, Dr. Kalski can make real-time adjustments during cataract surgery to arrive at an optimal visual result.

How will ORA guided cataract surgery enhance my outcomes?

By utilizing the ORA technology to assess your eye during the procedure, Dr. Kalski will confirm your vision correction needs and make any necessary adjustments to your intraocular lens strength and position within your eye.

Does ORA guided cataract surgery cost more?

While Ora guided cataract surgery incurs more expenses than basic cataract surgery, the investment provides better visual outcomes, resulting in less dependence on glasses after surgery.

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