Custom Laser Cataract Surgery

As an ophthalmologist dedicated to providing outstanding care, Dr. Kalski is always looking for ways to better serve his patients.  He is especially pleased that he can treat his cataract patients with Custom laser blade-free cataract surgery with the Alcon LenSx laser.  By using this laser, Dr. Kalski can offer his patients the most technologically advanced surgery for treating cataracts. The same innovation used for all-laser LASIK has now revolutionized cataract surgery.  By adding computer control to the key steps of cataract surgery, the laser ensures that Dr. Kalski can provide superior technology with both unmatched safety and accuracy to his patients.

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The key benefits of laser cataract surgery versus traditional with a blade manual cataract surgery are: 

  1. A real time computerized laser imaging system guides the laser beam to the correct target during surgery.  The laser creates corneal incisions and a more precise circular incision around the cataract.  This precision improves the accuracy of the intraocular lens placement, leading to a greater likelihood of clearer vision after cataract surgery.
  2. The laser pre-softens the cataract, allowing Dr. Kalski to minimize the use of ultrasound energy to remove the cataract.  Reduced pressure on the eye and reduced energy makes the laser a safer and gentler alternative, which quickens patients’ recovery time after surgery.
  3. Highly accurate astigmatism correction is accomplished with the laser at the time of surgery, lessening patients’ need for glasses after cataract surgery.

Dr. Kalski is thrilled to use technology that allows him as a surgeon to plan and perform cataract surgery to exacting, individualized specifications that he is accustomed to achieving while performing LASIK surgery. Additionally, by taking advantage of advanced technology lenses that correct for distance, intermediate, and near vision or astigmatism, Dr. Kalski is able to provide most patients with a full range of vision by decreasing their dependence on glasses.  Dr. Kalski and his staff are excited and pleased to discuss Custom laser blade-free cataract surgery and advanced technology lenses with patients.